H A V E N S   H O S P I C E S 

When I was working as a photojournalist I used to regularly cover stories and events at Havens Hospices. Over the years you get to know the charity and staff a little bit better, as well as getting a really good idea about the remarkable work everyone involved does for this charity, whether staff, supporters or volunteers. So when I went freelance and had an email from Amy at Comms asking me if I would do some work with them I was absolutely thrilled. 

The past few years I’ve got to meet some real troopers and every visit is such a humbling experience. It is impossible to put value to what the Hospice and the Care Teams offer to patients and their families. Havens Hospice, Little Havens and Young People's Service, (formerly The J’s) provides palliative nursing and supportive care to babies, children and teenagers, adults living with complex or incurable conditions. 

There are so many other services they provide for service users and their families too, from day stays to socials, respite, hospice from home and so much more. And all this is for free. It doesn’t cost the patients one penny. This is possible through the support and generosity of the community.

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