L  O  U  I  S  E    A  L  T  M  A  N   
H  A  N  D  M  A  D  E    W  A  L  L  P  A  P  E  R  S  

A while ago I spend a day photographing Louise in her home studio. Louise is a printmaker, trendsetter and an all-around creative good egg. More recently she's been working on patterns and designs and techniques for making her own brand of handmade wallpapers inspired by nature and her environment. The process is slow, laborious and requires considerable skill. Starting with designing the pattern, carving it out, this is followed by inking and lining everything up so the pattern matches on the roll. The result is beautiful, the print is slightly raised from the inking, that gives it the handmade look and feel. 

This form of wallpaper printing was made back in the mid 17th century and it is currently listed as an endangered craft. 

It is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly practice than mass-produced digitally made wallpapers, with absolutely no waste as the papers are made to order. www.outofbounds.org.uk

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